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Cote D'Ivoire modelling scoping meeting

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The Cote D'Ivoire modelling scoping meeting took place on 27th April 2017 in Abidjan. The objective of the meeting, designed as a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), was to clarify entry points for project intervention to ensure alignment with Cote D'Ivoire's climate objectives & socio-economic priorities as stipulated in the NDCs and National Development blue prints respectively.

Accordingly, Cote D'Ivoire stakeholders had established during the Project's Steering Committee meeting, that the project's strategic focus should be the delivery of compost production to support smart agriculture industry pathway and reduce GHG emission from both the waste and agriculture sectors while simultaneously creating jobs. A waste to energy focus that cuts across three sectors - agriculture, energy and forestry (by providing alternatives that minimize deforestation). Hence, the modelling will complement developments in these sectors by putting in place an analytical framework in the relevant line ministries to extrapolate long term impacts of carbon offset vis-a-vis socio-economic development/macro-economic indicators (jobs created; %GDP contributed; cost savings etc) of various scenarios under the chosen strategic direction of waste to energy vis-a-vis a BAU scenario using biomass / firewood & kerosene domestic energy options.

The specific focus agreed was production of biogas from rice waste. This can also feed into bio-fertilizer production (from the biogas slurry) as a smart agriculture industry undertaking.

It was also agreed that at the project level, modelling (component 2) will complement what is being done under component 1.

Operationally, this exercise will build on modelling expertise and progress already established in Cote D'Ivoire. Specifically the national modelling team and modelling tools already in use - LEAP, T21, Regional Climate Model (REGCM), Model Habitat and Modele Matricie.

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