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While the project is implemented in 8 countries, a regional peer-learning and knowledge sharing forum is another key aspect of this project. The forum is to disseminate across Africa, lessons, outputs and outcomes of the NDCs implementation paradigm established by this project that simultaneously maximizes both climate objectives & country socioeconomic development priorities. By this, catalyse a countries-driven transition to low emissions development across Africa.

Approach of the Peer Forum: A hub strategy is deployed where reputable regional technical institutions are engaged in project actions to undergo capacity building. These then become champion institutions, hubs of capacity building to lead in transferring LEDS implementation capacity fostered by this project to countries in their respective sub-regions. Consequently and cumulatively, catalyse countries driven LEDS actions across Africa.

The champion institutions will undertake elaborate direct training on the demonstrated NDC implementation approach in response to country NDC priorities within their network prioritizing institutional stakeholders from non-participating countries in their sub-regions. This will build a consolidated network of stakeholders on the novel paradigm being followed for component 1 & 2.

Being institutions of regional repute that engage across the continent, they will also infuse the project products into curriculum, including e-learning courses and research. Models will also be integrated into laboratories of these institutions. Cumulatively, this is expected to catalyse a continental wide shift to country driven NDC implementation focused on maximizing socioeconomic & climate benefit as informed from project lessons.

At the continental level, given the commonality of challenges hence compatibility of solutions, one continental level conference will be conducted. Here, all sub-regional champions & institutions in their networks that have been trained will convene together with a broader pool of continental stakeholders from non-participating countries in all the 5 sub-regions. The aim will be to share practical lessons and cross hybridize innovative proven approaches on both component 1 & 2. Furthermore, the project lessons will be diffused across the continent through the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) whose secretariat is hosted by UN Environment.

The Africa LEDS project is supporting Low Emissions Development (LEDS) in Africa in the context of respective socio-economic development priorities as stipulated in country development visions & strategies and encapsulated in their respective INDCs. Africa, ..... More.

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