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Morocco modelling scoping meeting (Re-sheduled)

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The modelling scoping meeting was re-scheduled to 22/02/2018 due to unforeseen in-country developments. To redeem time given the unforeseen delays, remote guidance is provided to the country stakeholders as follows;

- The project management team launched virtual technical support to guide country stakeholders narrow down NDC priorities to target sectors most catalytic to accelerate achievement NDCs as above.

With this guidance, country stakeholders identified key initiatives that project should build on to ensure it complements most relevant priorities for Morocco. These are the third and fourth National Communication, a World Bank modelling intervention, and the EU/UNDP project on Low Emission Capacity Building, Morocco stakeholders prioritized. Drawing from the above, with guidance of the project management team, Morocco stakeholders identified energy, housing infrastructure, transport, industry, agriculture and waste as priority sectors to ensure implementation of Morocco NDCs maximizes climate objectives simultaneously with leading socioeconomic priorities.

- Preliminary support provided to country stakeholders to narrow down these sectorial priorities to project level and establish optimal project combinations & amalgamation that can maximize both climate & socioeconomic impacts of these sectors. It is these that the modelling structure will be based on.

The Africa LEDS project is supporting Low Emissions Development (LEDS) in Africa in the context of respective socio-economic development priorities as stipulated in country development visions & strategies and encapsulated in their respective INDCs. Africa, ..... More.

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